Mikael Erlandsson
Lead Vocal, Backing Vocal, Keyboard

The magic voice himself, Well known for all
fans of Last Autumns Dream, Salute, Secret Service
and of course Tom Galleys project Phenomena.
The man has been around in the music buissness since 1978
and he´s voice just gets better and better for every year.

Incredible is the word !!!

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Mikael Carlsson
Bass, Keyboard, Guitar, Backing Vocals

The mastermind and creator of Lover Under Cover
 Without Mr C there would be no LUC around at all.
As a songwriter and multi instrumentalist he´s the fire

that keeps this band burning. Mr C is also doing the
bass tracks On the first Rage Of Angels album "Dreamworld"
and the latest album by Dogface called "Back on the streets".

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Martin Kronlund

I tell you people... This is the guy that every band
in the world wished that they had. Amazing Guitarplayer
and a producer to die for. He is the guy behind the awesome
sound of Lover Under Cover. He is also the mastermind of the
sound on the 2 latest PHENOMENA albums, Gypsy Rose, Dogface
And ...... The list goes on forever ....
Respect is the word !!

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Imre Daun

If you are a fan of Mikael Erlandsson and Martin Kronlund's
earlier band "Salute" then you alreday now who Imre is. He
is the drummer in the legendary band "Gypsy Rose" together with
Martin Kronlund and also the man behind the drums in the 
magnificent Swedish band "Don Patrol". 
Imre brings a lot of routine to LUC and a rock hard
steady beat that will blow you guys away for sure.

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Patrik Selén
When Lover Under Cover is playing live they are reinforced
by this keyboard wizard from Uppsala Sweden. As the super
duper nice guy he is and a fantastic musician for sure he fitted
in perfectly among the rest of the guys in the band

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On the album "Set the night on fire" we have some
very special guests. You can read about them here.

Tor Erik Myhre


This magnificent Norse axeman are truly a rock star,
best known for his work with JORN. We were blown away
by this guy when we first saw him onstage during JORN,s
Spirit Black tour.Check out the DVD "live in black" and
you will understand what we mean. We are so proud to
have him onboard as a very special guest.
The rumour says that Tor Erik decided to leave
JORN  when he heard the first demo of "HERO".

Michael Larsson

Form the far north of Sweden and the land of ice and snow.
He is also the founder of the amazing band COLDSPELL.
This guy got it all !! The sound, the looks and the skill of
a true Swedish guitar hero. We are truly blessed to have
Michael on board. Check out the song "Rain of tears"  
and you will understand !!

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Ged Rylands

If you mention the name Ged Rylands
then all lovers of melodic rock will know him
as a member of the legendary band "Ten"
With his amazing skills on the keyboard we are truly
blessed to have this guy onboard.
Ged is also the mastermind of the band "Rage Of Angels".
You should really check out their latest album "Dreamworld"

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Katarina Häger

We needed a realy powerful voice for the female role 
in the song "Hero". And in Katarina Häger we found our very
own "Sister Mary". Her voice is so full of attitude and she fits in
perfectly in the story about the rebel teen daughter. Remember her
name people. You will hear more from this tallented woman !!!

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