Salute is the brainchild of Martin Kronlund (guitar, bass), Mikael Erlandsson (vocal,keyboard) and Imre Daun (drums)They have released 2 albums and you might say that they are the prequel to Lover Under Cover. If you like LUC you MUST check out SALUTE. There is always an element of excitement when a band breaks into the music scene, especially one with such a great line-up! Mikael Erlandsson is one of the best singer/songwriters in Sweden today with a successful career as a solo artist, especially in Europe and Japan.

He has such a distinctive husky voice and many will recognise as the lead vocalist and keyboards player for “Last Autumns Dream”. Any fan of LAD will love Salute, simply because Mikael is the singer, “Toy Soldier” is a fantastic melodic rock recording in its own right. Many will already know that Martin Kronlund is a world class producer and guitar player and his work shows on this outstanding CD. Powerful harmonies, crunching guitars and beautiful keyboards are the order of the day. The presence of Imre Daun on drums is the icing on the cake, his pedigree traces back to Don Patrol and more recently Gypsy Rose.  Salute are a band to watch out for, there is no doubt about that.



I will be there

Lost in a dream


Heart of the machine

Your servant tonight