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Avalon zikforum

I heard it only once, but it was a pleasant surprise! Who likes a
Scandinavian Melodic Rock has to approve everything. Even
incursions of Heavy Metal are clearly noticeable at certain
points, especially thanks to the guitar Matin Kronlund
(Gypsy Rose, Reece / Kronlund, Phenomena). Mikael Erlandsson
(Last Autumn's Dream) shows the old category and even venture
to different parts of his vocal register. Other names are
relatively known keyboardist Ged Ryland (Ten) and drummer
Perra Johnson (Coldspell). First Time for a beautiful album!

Mikael Erlandsson (vocals)
Martin Kronlund (guitar)
Mikael Carlsson (bass)
Ged Rylands (keyboards)
Perra Johnsson (drums)

Festivalphoto (Sweden)


Fireworks Magazine No:55 (UK) (UK)

One of the highlights of November for us at the Mayfair Mall was discovering this debut
release from Sweden's hottest new talent Lover Under Cover, led by Mikael Carlsson.
This is Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock at it's very best so a big thanks must go out to
Escape Music for releasing this gem.

Hardsounds (Italy)

Lover Under Cover is a super AOR group created by the great Mikeal Erlandsson
of Last Autumn's Dream and the composer of soundtracks Mikael Carlsson, who
sees the light only today but that was conceived and planned in the distant 1982,
when both were active in a southern rockband called Rain. In the band, there is
also the guitarist Martin Kronlund of Gypsy Rose, here also as a producer, drummer
of Coldspell Perra Johnsson and former Ten member Ged Ryland on keyboards.
'Set The Night On Fire'is the first release of this band and it´s very nice, of course,
based on a very classic AOR/Ten oriented, even if the shadow of Last Autumn's
Dream is constantly lurking, and there are certainly a few moments a little more
robust, almost power metal rhythm. The songwriting of the eleven songs is
delicious, which, although presenting a couple of minor dips in the middle, never
drops below the threshold of liking, and the crystalline production of Martin Kronlund,
as it befits an album like this. The level of the band instrumental evidence is
indisputable, as one might imagine, with the vocals and keyboards Erlandsson/Rylands
on the shields. What can I say, good record, which leaves a pleasant listen and listen
several times. A pity that it is not released back in the days because with these bases,
the band would really have made a difference within the AOR.
Great debut, although in delay of 30 years!

Van do Halen (Brazil)

In new designs, the Scandinavian Melodic Rock is full. It seems that there are more
bands than musicians in those of the vocals of Mikael,
going for a more intimate side in their interpretation. The excellent "Hero" comes right in
the line of LAD, with a mixture of vocalizations that provides a very special environment.

The beginning of "Flash In The Night" scares, with a dance beat and electronic tickets.
But soon leads into a footprint very close to Heavy Metal, with superb performance
of musicians. The title track brings a more classic approach, with the right structure in
Hammond. "Who Needs Love" rescues the heavier side and is another highlight of
the play, bringing a perfect melody. The facparts of the map. However, Lover Under Cover brings
two great attractions for fans of the style. These are the vocalist Mikael Erlandsson
(Last Autumn's Dream) and guitarist Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose, Reece / Kronlund,
Phenomena). They join the bassist Mikael Carlsson, keyboardist Ged Ryland (Ten)
and drummer Perra Johnson (Coldspell) to launch Set The Night On Fire.
The work will please fans of Scandi-AOR, its differential riffs and solos Kronlund,
giving a decisive addition to the sonority.

The proposal is clear from the opening with "My Best Friend", mixing keyboards with
occasional power guitar and already known to build capacity for Erlandsson melodies.
"Angels Will Cry" looks like a hit, reminding of other contemporary groups of the genre,
with its catchy chorus. The semibalad "Too Good To Be True" refers to "We All Die Young"
by Steelheart and immortalized by Steel Dragon - with the exception e appears more partying and eighties in
"Crazy For You" and "Crime In The Line" with nostalgia from every pore. The climate
"Through The Storm" is a cacetada first, while the short "A Nice Day", the only ballad, 
closes the conventional tracklist so delicate and precise.

The special also features a cover of "Warrior" by Thin Lizzy, with special guest
guitarist Brian Robertson. Curiously, the difference of vocal registers, but no biggie.
In the final stretch of the year, Lover Under showed serious candidate to be included on
lists of preferred Scandi-AOR/Melodic Rock admirers. Worth checking out!
Rate: 8,5/10

Get Ready to rock (UK)

Lover Under Cover is a new band emerging from Sweden, providing
rock aficionados with another slice of Scandi rock.

Mikael Erlandsson from Last Autumn’s Dream and Salute fame has his influence all
over this work, penning the songs as well as providing the voice to the album. This

is much like Salute’s last effort released in ’11 – but “Set the night on fire” has
a crunchier guitar tone, without sacrificing the melody. Eleven well-crafted songs
are part of this work for your listening pleasure.If you’re a fan of Scandi or
melodic rock, you’ll have to add this to your collection! Superb.

Melodic Frontier (Japan)

Power of metal (Denmark)

GreekRebels (Greece)

Lover Under Cover is the brainchild of Mikael Carlsson and the musicians that surrounds
are Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose, Phenomena, Salute) on guitar, Perra Johnsson
(Coldspell) on drums and the unique Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream / Salute)
on vocals. Notable is the guest participation Ged Ryland (ex-Ten) on keyboards. Also
participating are Michael Larsson (Coldspell) and Tor Erik Myhre (Jorn)."Set The Night On Fire"
is their debut, and through this it seems that this company is in great spirits. Eleven
compositions make up this release with very clever melodies, loud guitars and the voice of
Mikael Erlandsson, which shamelessly rocking in a smart and stylish way. Songs like "My Best Friend",
"Hero", "Angels Will Cry" wins without difficulty and stays in your mind while bringing your mood.
The modern melodic hard rock of Lover Under Cover rendered in a impeccable way through
"Set The Night On Fire" which is a excellent debut. We could furthermore expect something
different from musicians who know how to do their job very well.

The Rockpit (Australia)

I like this one a lot: Lover Under Cover are a brand new band from Sweden
that combine lots of things we like here: there’s a big accent on melody,
a great hard rock edge and the songs stack up very well against contemporary
bands in the melodic genre. With Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn’s Dream) on vocals
too you know that there will be quality, add the bass of Mikael Carlsson, keys from
Ged Ryland (ex-Ten) and guitars from Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose) and Perra Johnsson
on Drums (from Coldspell) you have a solid set of well respected musicians. And
that’s before we get to the guests from members of Coldspell and Jorn.

All that really does though is set the scene and there are some great songs here.
Opener the anti-gun ‘My Best Friend’ is certainly a standout – with a huge late
eighties hard rock vibe and great sing along chorus. It is not the template for
the album though as we take a distinctly melodic rock turn.

Our favourites include the wonderful “Set the night on fire” which is well crafted
melodic rock that burns slowly. “Angels will cry” and “Hero” are also two of the
real melodic muscular highlights. Elsewhere there is light and shade: ‘”A Nice Day”
or “Crazy For You” for example would sit comfortably on any ‘Last Autumn’s Dream’
album. “Who Needs Love” a faster rocker would pretty much find a place anywhere
it’s a great song.

The best thing about this album though is that in 11 tracks there is no filler in sight.
Lover Under Cover is definitely a band to look out for if you love well-structured
melodic hard rock down the middle, with forays into the light and shade either side.
Pretty much essential if you love your melodic rock driven by a great voice and some
killer guiatar and keys.

Sweden Rock Magazine (Sweden)
No:98 2012

So he shows up like a jack in the box again. A pleasant unique and original Mikael Erlandsson
with a singing voice balanced on carbonated soft drinks, sparkling boyish, with his raspy
voice recognizable instantly. Here he is again linked to the producer, songwriter and guitarist
Martin Kronlund. Lover under cover is in comparison with the previous project "Salute" and
Erlandssons constantly diligent Last Autumn's Dream, a reasonably expected adaptive
development. On the plus side it is darker and more suggestive, when Cupid's arrows hits,
pinches and hurts more than a kiss on the forehead. Piano Hungry "Angels will cry" and
"Crazy For You" offers fine certainties, while "to good to be true", a slow adult thing adds
that little extra. Small cabin but still nothing done to fluff, but in its simplicity an independent
thing that stands out. That makes
you feel. After all, then, beyond the other combative outcomes,
is when Lover under cover is in it´s right element.


AOR Watchtower (Brazil)

Every year, at least one big surprise comes in the universe of good music,
and 2012 continued the tradition with the emergence of Lover Under Cover,
a project that brings together members of two of the biggest names in the
Swedish scenario: Last Autumn's Dream and Coldspell. The sound has a balance
between the elements of the work of both bands and believe me, it was very cool!!
Still, the excellent debut album of this project included the presence of guitarist
Tor Erik Myhre, from Jørn. If you're new to this job, prepare yourself for a great surprise ...

The album opens with "My Best Friend", a melodic hard rock of respect that
has a solid base of low foreground where parades guitar from Martin Kronlund.
With simple melody - but very effective - this song fulfills its role as a
calling card for the album, which keeps the footprint in "Angels Will Cry,"
where guitars and bass are accompanied by keyboards that recall Last Autumn's Dream.
The melody here is more exciting, like chorus, where Mikael Erlandsson hits dead.
I consider this song one of the highlights of the album, like "To Good To Be True",
very cool rocker that brings the bass to the front line until the bridge, when the
guitars have brought more energy to the song. With a chorus discreet but striking,
this song stands out in the tracklist and deserves multiple hearings and maximum
volume. Next we have "Hero", which features very distinctly rocker elements of
both bands that form Lover Under Cover. I quite like the metric and progress of the
song, and the chorus explosive and very characteristic of the best melodic hard rock.
Another song that stands out as a highlight of the album

With "Flash In The Night," rocker that sounds a lot like the Last Autumn's Dream
until the chorus, where the side Coldspell reveals a blow. The guitars are
more restrained along the melody, but the chorus explode along with the battery.
Beautiful sound, another big moment of the album."Set The Night On Fire 'has
clocked more progress with ghostly keyboards, bass in the foreground and base
guitars punctuated by well placed in the melody. Curti enough to change the
arrangement when the bridges are presented, but I confess that the chorus
sounds weak, although fit perfectly in tune. Anyway, listen and draw your own
conclusions. With an entry point, the rocker "Who Needs Love" stands, bringing
guitars well posted, and the low that, once again, stands within the song. Another
great moment comes with the album "Crazy For You," a rocker that has a huge
contagious melody, tied for precise guitars and heavy bass that go together
into the explosive chorus. This is the time when most radio friendly album and
is among the highlights of the album, for sure.
Listen multiple times with the windows open ...

We enter the final stretch of the album with "Standing In Line", very cool
rocker that features two very different moments within the same song: a
variation of the melody between verses and bridges. And switching pleased
me greatly, since it sounds consistent even in the transition between them.
Arrangement well tied, exciting melody and chorus are outstanding challenges
another highlight song of the album, without a doubt. Another song that catches
my attention is "Through The Storm" with its simple arrangement, but with a
melody that grows slowly and captivates the listener. I like the metric and
progress of this song, although the chorus - again - sounding weak. Already
"Nice Day" is a nice ballad, but it sounds displaced in the flood of rockers
that make up the album's tracklist. And finally we have "Rain Of Tears",
rocker horses that this is the bonus track Japanese edition of the album. I like
the bass line and guitar, and especially the explosive chorus with backing
vocals very well posted and gives more shine to the song. Excellent song to finish the job.

In summary, I can say that if you expect anything similar to the work of the
Last Autumn's Dream, Lover Under Cover removes the horse from the rain!!
The set sounds much more like Coldspell than anything else, and the big surprise
is on account of Mikael Erlandsson, who reveals a more versatile singer than most
people could imagine. A beautiful album, two great bands, a great surprise.
The Lover Under Cover album is highly recommended ...

Rockreport (Belgium)
Start with a raspy singer (Mikael Erlandsson, Last Autumn’s Dream / Salute), add some
crunchy guitars (Martin Kronlund, Gypsy Rose / Salute) and spice it up with some
pumping bass (from founder Mikael Carlsson) & thunderous drums (Perra Johansson, ColdSpell)
and the result is a brand-new band listening to the moniker of Lover Under Cover. Stylewise you
can expect some typical Scandi AOR/melodic rock, but heavier than what Erlandsson delivers
with Last Autumn’s Dream. Provided you’re an admirer of Erlandsson, I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy
“Set The Night On Fire”, which mainly contains up-tempo melodic hard rock songs.
“To Good To Be True”can serve as a first pause, but then it’s full throttle again until we reach
the finishing ballad, “A Nice Day”. Surely a fine start for Mr Carlsson

Sleazenation (Belgium)

Lover Under Cover are a brand new band from Sweden feat. Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream)
that combine elements of Coldspell, Last Autumn's Dream, Treat and many more great
Scandinavian Rock bands. The band was formed by Mikael Carlsson and this highly talented
quartet are poised to shake the very foundations of melodic hard rock.

The catchy, hook-laden Melodic Hard Rock music and Erlandsson's raspy vocals
undoubtedly will let you think of Last Autumn's Dream.
But this band gives Mikael the chance to get his pipes around more rocking
tunes. Strong melodies and harmonies, attractive choruses, and slick guitar licks abound on
"Set the Night on Fire". Love Under Cover can deliver heavier melodic rock as on
"My Best Friend" or Angels Will Cry" or simply be effortlessly smooth AOR on
"Too Good to Be True". There's even a cover of an old great Swedish hit song by Secret Service,
"Flash In The Night". The contagious tunes in "Angels Will Cry" and "Hero", are
both fine examples of modern melodic AOR. On the rocking "Who Needs Love" and
"Crazy for You" is where noticeably Erlandsson is able to expand his range than in LAD, hitting
higher notes than he usually does. The album ends with the only ballad on the CD,
"A Nice Day", very well arrangend and performed.

Lover Under Cover are a band to look out for in 2012 and if well-crafted melodic rock of t
he highest order is what you crave for then this is an essential purchase.

p:// (Greece)

The story of L.U.C. begins many years ago when the band singer was Daniel Boscovic.
The band that time recorded some songs but due to different circumstances never released
the album. Finally and after many years and with the addition of the great Mikael Erlandsson
(Last Autumn's Dream), we have the debut effort of this really amazing band.

The album starts off with the up-tempo rocking tune of "My Best Friend". This is a great
in-your-face rocker with a catchy chorus line and a solid guitar work!! "Too Good To Be True"
is simple a stunning melodic rock song!! A huge melody, superb harmonies and some
great performances from Mikael Erlandsson. "Crazy For You" is catchy as hell with a monstrous
chorus while "Crime In The Line" is another killer AOR tune!!

Bottom line is that this is an impressive start for Lover Under Cover. Harmonies,
melodies and great songs are all perfectly balanced and it's nice to hear Mikael Erlandsson
sing some rockier tunes again. The guitar work is top notch and this album will end-up
high in this year's top list. Great job guys!!!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8,5/10 (Poland)

LOVE UNDER COVER is band from Sweden that was formed by Mikael Carlsson. Every fan of
classic Hard Rock will find here some of the most talented musicians. On “Set the Night On Fire”
are vocalist and keyboardist Mikael Erlandsson (LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM, SALUTE),
Mikael Carlsson (Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals), guitarist Martin Kronlund
(GYPSY ROSE, PHENOMENA, SALUTE), drummer Perra Johnsson (COLDSPELL) and special
guest: Ged Rylands (TEN), Michael Larsson (COLDSPELL), and Tor Erik Myhre (JORN).
Production of this album is no less than a picture perfect.

Every track of this fantastic album is possibility a hit but my personal favourite songs are:
"Who Needs Love”, "Angels Will Cry”, “Hero” and “Set The Night On Fire”. “Who Needs Love”
is my number one of this album. Beautiful Hard Rock tune, almost four minutes full of melody,
a mega killer outcome, fabulous sound of guitars, true energy that hit and provides unbelievable
power. I can sum my thoughts about this one with amazing. You can feel that spirit of Rock
generated in the 80s. The piano overture on “Hero” and then the powerful entry with a
large sum of melodies is fantastic. I love the crazy pleasing chorus, the perfect riffs and guitar solo.
These guys easily move in the mainstream of the Hard Rock world. This is their life and they
want to show the listener how this life is worth the attention due to its wonders. Musically there
is a similarity to GOTTHARD and AXEL RUDI PELL.

A smacking chorus is slamming within “Angels Will Cry”. Strong guitars with perfect bass lines
make my heart beat faster. The vocalist operates well with his voice. His strong raspy tone
reminded me of the Swiss GOTTHARD or Danish PRETTY MAIDS. The keyboards in the
background add flavour to this track and lyrics that are mainly directed towards love.
The band proves where their musical appreciation lies. This song is charged with energy
and beguiling melody, flawless in every way. The title track of album, “Set The Night On Fire”,
provides a strong and melodic guitars, seamless rhythmical section with raspy vocal of Erlandsson.
This is a mystical song with a desiring voice bearing a sweet chorus just like an old good song of
WHITESNAKE. Perfect work!

“Flash in The Night” is very similar to the achievements of the Swedish THE POODLESS.
They use everything that is beautiful in classic Rock and do it with excellence. One of the
most attractive choruses is on “Crazy For You”. The riffs are played hard and tough with
cool harmonic strains. The band enables fresh music and seems to be enjoying playing it.
“Crime In The Line” contributes some of Glam Rock / Metal. The closing song, “A Nice Day”,
is the shortest track on album, almost 3 minutes and this is just a one beautiful ballad.
Another song, “Through The Storm”, was made in a sublime mood, climates like out of shanties.
“Too Good To Be True” is awesome song where you can see similarity to BON JOVI
and STEELHEART.Mikael Erlandsson is a perfect vocalist. His voice is hoarse and he
sings with authority. His style of singing reminds me Steve Lee of GOTTHARD,
Steven Tyler of AEROSMITH, Mark Fox of SHAKRA, Bjorn Lodin of HARD, Johnny Gioeli
of AXEL RUDI PELL.I'm impressed by the tunes of “My Best Friend” and it's clear sound,
perfect rhythmic section, melodic guitars and beautiful voice of Erlandsson that shifts like a chameleon.

Summing up, this album can be the milk and butter of every true fan of Hard Rock. My heart
beat like a maniac during the listening of this excellent work of the four talented musicians.
LOVE UNDER COVER connect everything of what is the best in classic Hard Rock & AOR.
They are inspired by many great Scandinavian bands and also by elite bands of the genre.
The members have many musical experience and they put all of it in this album. The musicians
prove they act on stage for a long time and it is evident by their mother bands as COLDSPELL,

Surely everyone, whoever loves 80s Hard Rock, AOR tunes and bands that delivers
melodic music, will be in seventh heaven during listening this magical release. Their lyrics
are so easy and lovely. LOVE UNDER COVER restored my faith in the fact that Hard Rock
still has something in it. I was enchanted by the music of LOVE UNDER COVER and I give them
10/10 – the most that I can rate. (Sweden)

When the internet was the "hottest" thing  all bands have their own website with lots of
useful and useless information about the group and its members. Nowadays, most backtracked
these websites and goes only on myspace, facebook, twitter, or what the hell ever called nowadays.
This also means that the information has become more or less zero, since at these social media
does not contain as much useful information to pick from for an old critic like myself. Therefore,
I'm almost surprised that the band which I will review now actually has an old-fashioned website that
you can retrieve information from.

LOVER UNDER COVER is not, as one might expect, a cover band, the band name would fit
better as a clever name for one of all these brave band that entertains more or less boozed
and people partying every weekend throughout Sweden. As the name of this Swedish, so called,
super band, so perhaps it is not so successful, but it is the hot one. And I would guess that all
five seasoned guys once in the beginning played cover in one form or another.

I am quite sure that the singer Mikael Erlandsson played cover thirty years ago, because
I was often in the audience when The boys and another band that I can not think of the name
of right now, who later recorded an album under the name Crash , stood on stage somewhere
on the west coast all utehak. Later, the Michael also had an illustrious career as a singer with
N'Gang, Salute, and of course Last Autumn's Dream. Now it is he, therefore, also in the disc
debuting band LOVER UNDER COVER together with drummer Perra Johnsson from northern
ColdSpell, Martin Kronlund which is a very successful producer and musician, among others,
Gypsy Rose and Phenomena on his conscience and as bassist and LUC's initiator
and songwriter Mikael Carlsson.

Who is Mikael Carlsson? Well, he is the one who started this band, but also the least
renowned, if not totally unknown previously for the masses. But Erlandsson and Carlsson
have played together before long ago in a band called Rain and are old childhood friends,
so the connection to him and then Martin Kronlund is not so farfetched. In addition, there are
a few guest musicians on the album "Set the Night on Fire" is now released on Escape Music
as keyboardist Ged Ryland who is best known from the band Ten, Coldspells fantastiske
guitarist Michael Larsson and so guitarist Tor Erik Myhre who last played with Norwegian
hard rock mega vocalist Jorn Lande.

I have always admired Erlandssons hoarse and raspy voice, his throat just seem to feel
better and better with each passing year. The Last Autumn's Dream, he has released nine
plates and in recent years, I have lost interest in the band please AOR rock, whose latest
album just got copies of what they have done before. Therefore, it is almost a relief to hear
Mikael rock out in this constellation. For so this vital and inspired, it was a while since we
heard him. In addition, it has
other Mikael composed together a bunch of really good rock
songs, such as the synthiga "Angels will cry," the Simple Minds-inspired track
"Too good to be true", the powerful "Hero", where the band gets help from a young promising
woman named Katarina Häger, the moderately heavy title track with a nice guitar riff
and a great chorus and rock smoker "Crazy For You"

LOVE UNDER COVER may have a questionable band names, but the newly written songs
are really good AOR and melodic rock. There are actually a cover number and it is a
passable version of Secret Service synthhit old "Flash in the Night," which here becomes fastest
plate tracks, as you increase the pace to double in the chorus. Otherwise, this is exactly what
Mikael Erlandsson need to tear himself from his other band. So please invest seriously in


Just how I like my Scandi melodic rock – a little darker and moodier than the usual
fare and delivered with a crunching guitar sound and a thumping rhythm section.
Then there is the always fabulous raspy presence of Mikael Erlandsson -
(Last Autumn's Dream/Salute). This new band is formed by
Mikael Carlsson – Bass, Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals with
Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose, Phenomena, Salute) – Guitars;
Perra Johnsson (Coldspell) – Drums and special guest on keyboards:
Ged Ryland (ex-Ten). A powerful line-up for a powerful album.

Fans of LAD will find a lot to like about this – especially if you'd prefer that
band to be a little heavier and fans of the Salute album will be even more
impressed here I think.There's only 1 ballad (the closing track A Nice Day) and
1 mid-tempo AOR track (Too Good To Be True) and the rest is guitar fuelled
Scandi melodic rock. The best of those tracks are the opening My Best Friend and
the brilliant Angels Will Cry; the fast paced Flash In The Night; the double time
Who Needs Love and its immediate neighbor Crazy For You
(one of the chorus highlights of the album) plus Crime In The Line.

The Bottom Line
Scandi AOR/melodic rock fans need to rush on this one. A very strong production and
powerful delivery highlight some catchy songs, all delivered with the unmistakable
melodic rasp of Mikael Erlandsson's wonderful voice.


Melodic Rock Fanzine (Italy)

Metalfactory (Switzerland)


"Set The Night On Fire" is the debut album of LOVER UNDER COVER, the new
Scandinavian supergroup assembled by multi-instrumentalist Mikael Carlsson.
Featuring the talents of Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream), Martin Kronlund
(Gypsy Rose, Phenomena), Perra Johnsson (Coldspell) with keyboard contributions from
ex-TeN man Ged Ryland, "Set The Night On Fire" was produced by Kronlund, a guarantee of
quality and so it proves here. Between the catchy, hook-laden Melodic Hard Rock music
and Erlandsson's raspy Bryan Adams-like vocals, you'll undoubtedly think of Last Autumn's Dream.

But it is pleasing to report that this band gives Mikael the chance to get his pipes around more
rocking tunes.Strong melodies and harmonies, attractive choruses, and slick guitar licks abound on
"Set the Night on Fire". Love Under Cover can deliver heavier melodic rock as on "My Best Friend"
or Angels Will Cry" or simply be effortlessly smooth AOR on "Too Good to Be True". They
even do a cover of an old great Swedish hit song by Secret Service, "Flash In The Night", versioned
in a subtle melodious way.There's highly contagious tunes in "Angels Will Cry" and "Hero",
both fine examples of modern melodic AOR. On the rocking "Who Needs Love" and "Crazy for You"
is where noticeably Erlandsson is able to expand his range than in LAD, hitting higher notes
than he usually do.The album ends with the only ballad on the CD, the really good and affectionate
"A Nice Day", very well arrangend and performed.

"Set The Night On Fire" is a solid and entertaining Melodic Hard Rock album with the
Swedish imprint all over.A really pleasant listen for those who love brilliant and clean
productions with good melodies, polished instrumentation and amazing vocals.
Very Recommended.


AOR Heaven

Burrn Magazine (Japan)

Via Nocturna (Portugal)

Lover Under Cover is a new Swedish project that brings together elements of various
collectives from the Scandinavian hard rock scene, namely, Last Autumn's Dream, Salute,
Phenomena, Gypsy Rose, Treat and Coldspell. Set The Night On Fire is the first result
of this union of people who know what they are doing. How could it be, is the Escape Music
to sign this release, assuming clearly as the publisher forefront in publishing quality hard rock.

That actually is what you hear in this slice of 11 themes. Hard rock with roots
in the 80s and an above average quality of what has been done. Hard rock
added many elements outside the genre and enrich the final product.

The opening takes place immediately in style with My Best Friend, a very nice
piece, well constructed and full of feeling hardrockeiro. Immediately afterwards,
The first moment of magic upper disc: Angels Will Cry is an amazing band with a brutal line
of piano (almost throwing for Finnish gothic rock school!) And with a chorus that feels like
to be singing eternity. Already, a reference to another moment of higher intensity and beauty:

Flash In The Night keyboards with beautiful initials (they often appear by way of introduction),
lines of minimalist piano, a chorus full of power and melody with the inclusion of a beautiful
lead guitar. Less exuberant but also excellent level are the themes of the entire second half
of the disc where you can enjoy brilliant melodies more oriented AOR / Hard FM and
the beautiful ballad end to end so emotive a great rock record.

To this end the most curious allusion to the theme, Hero, a band based AOR,
chorus eared and with the strange inclusion of a section with an increase of
aggressiveness unusual, even by the later development of Set The Night On Fire.

The experience of this group of musicians helped to create a set of broad
themes, able to build a great hard rock album full of emotion, passion and enthusiasm.
A disc that is highly recommended to all lovers of the genre.

Progressive (France)

Lover Under Cover is a group from Sweden that releases their first album this fall at
Escape Music. First album, but 30-year career for the older members that are guitarist
(but not only) Mikael Carlson, initiator of the project, the singer Mikael Erlandsson
(Phenomena, Last Autumn's Dream, Secret Service), and guitarist Martin Kronlund
which to great effect, sign a production house of excellent quality. It should be noted that
Kronlund is not his first attempt since he is a rising figure in Sweden where he produced
the last two opus Phenomena. The mix is excellent and can enjoy a cut composed Hard Rock
licked makes powerful riffs and melodies that direct you stuck in your head from the first listen.

It moved at all stages throughout the "Set The Night On Fire" mix of Melodic Hard Rock
and an AOR bodybuilder. Each musician is expressed in control and restraint to accompany
Mikael Erlandsson at the top of his form. His voice hoarse and powerful works wonders
on single power that are 'Angels Will Cry', 'Set The Night On Fire' or 'Crazy For You'.

Some prestigious guests make an appearance on the album as Ged Ryland (ex-TeN),
Mikael Larsson (Coldspell) or Tor Erik Myrhe (Jorn). The most notable appearance
was certainly that of Katarina Häger that pushes the song on the excellent 'Hero'. The young
Swedish offers us an amazing performance. A name and a (pretty) pretty face to remember ...

There are still some weaknesses on this album, as yet promising recovery 'Flash In The Night'
(Secret Service) which is slowing from the chorus despite the acceleration of tempo and
some titles too typed AOR coming tarnish the table and encumber the final grade.

Nu Rocks(Spain)

A project that holds within its ranks the brilliant Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream)
can not pass unmarkt ever. Especially if the product is a good exercise in high-end
Melodic Hard Rock. That is Lover Under Cover 'Set The Night On Fire' to hit the
independent label Escape Music in November this year.
In the same boat we got Mikael Carlsson, Martin Kronlund (Gipsy Rose, Phenomena),
Perra Johansson (Coldspell) and former Ten man Ged Ryland.
The sound of theese Swedes don´t differ too much (if not almost all) of the bands
Coldspell or Autum'ns Last Dream.

It starts the album with additional direct and melodic "My Best Friend"
and "Angel's Wll Cry". The sound of the bands mentioned above is left entreveer
good beginning while the voice and will stamp printed patents to the end.
The second single, "Too Good To Be True" is one of the quietest but with a touch
that never ceases to remind of Steelhearts "We All Die Young".

"Hero" is one of the best, with a point and melodramatic epic choirs and delicious.
Can you remember Mikael's voice slightly to the illustrious Michael Voss (Casanova, Mad Max).
"Flash In The Night" starts very Pop-wave 80's and mutates into one of the most epic
and fast sounding somewhat superficial in its final stretch.
Although it seems close to Power Metal, "Crazy For You" is pure guitar and vacilón
Melodic Rock. Certainly falls in your head shaped as one of the best.

The end contains two good darts melodic if somewhat predictable and carried by
the stream and heard throughout the album. "Crime In The Line" and "Through The Storm".
Closes flavored bluesy ballad "A Nice Day".

If you love the music of the Swedish bands already mentioned above and
you wanting more after listening to his last round, I'm sure it 'Set The Night On Fire'
will be of your total satisfaction. If what you seek is simply good Rock Melodic
something bearable and easy listening, probably will spend a good time. In a way,
this should be the main axiom of music.

Sea of tranquility


NI Rocks (North Ireland)


Rockway (Greece)

(Thanks to Google translate)

In high spirits is the group of Swedes Lover Under Cover by highlighting where inspired way
the melodic hard rock sound and confirm the rule of the very best Scandinavian releases.

The debut album of Lover Under Cover entitled "Set the Night On Fire" and the fans of this
kind will not be disappointed. The band are vocalist and keyboardist Mikael Erlandsson
(Last Autumn's Dream, Salute), Mikael Carlsson (Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals), guitarist
Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose, Phenomena, Salute), drummer Perra Johnsson (Coldspell)
and special guest at the keyboards Ged Rylands (Ten) while participating and
Michael Larsson (Coldspell), and Tor Erik Myhre (Jorn).

The melodies are very strong and in many places with constant changes choral, vocal
passionately and brilliantly colored, full of keys and guitars have hard, fast and dynamic role.
Extremely "My best friend", the seductive "Angels will cry", "Hero", the "metallic" title track, the
unlikely "Crazy for you" and "Crime in the line".
Overall we are dealing with an excellent first effort
Lover Under Cover and wait for the appropriate follow-up.

Art Rock (Sweden)

I was a bit surprised when I read that this album would be released.
The surprise was that it's the same members as Salute and it sounds
a little the same at first listen. Poppy melodic AOR of high class. Why change the name?
When I research further the difference is Mikael Carlsson.
Apparently this is his project and Mikael Erlandsson is an old school friend to him.
They have played with each other earlier in the early 80's.

The new band Under Cover Lover has already released three singles during 2010-2011.
Anyone heard of these? Nah. Thought so. I missed this to but here is the full lenght album.
The singles are there of course, also the cover version of Secret Service "Flash in the night."
Just the lack melancholy and mystery of the original so perhaps it was not entirely successful.
Listen then rather on "Angels will cry" that feels like a given single when we're on the track. "Hero"
is another gem, and no, it has nothing to do with Charlotte Perelli to do. "Too good to be true"
has a nice drum beat and breathing really 80. It's good that they kept it fairly "clean". Likes!
Concluding ballad "A nice day" is good as well.

With two guitarists in the band is of course sound different if one compares with Salute.
In this case, it sounds a bit more slick and grown on Lover Under Cover. The cover may
also give a hint on this. Wait you no west coast album though. So far they have not gone.
Well-made modern AOR goes a long way too. What pulls down the score a little is that the songs
are not high class throughout. Fair is approved it anyway!

Favorite Track: "Too good to be true" and "Angels will cry"


WestCoast AOR  (Sweden)
Love Under